[CSS] Checking css support by browser

Writing time : 2017-03-18 12:12:06

Checking css support by browser

caniuse.com is a site that provides css support information for each browser.

When you connect to the site and enter the css property, it shows whether it is supported by browser version.

The screenshot below is a screen when the column-count property is searched and shows support information for each browser version.

caniuse.com screenshot image

In the upper right corner, you can see support statistics based on browser usage.
In the screenshot below, if the property is Korean, if you use the prefix for each browser company, 96.67% of users can use it, and when it is global, 97.62% of users can use it.

Image of css support statistics by browser

The bordered part of the distribution by browser version is the latest version of the browser.
The version under the latest version is the developer version and shows the usage rate of the unreleased version.

Image of the latest version of the browser area

In the upper left corner, you can check information on the searched attribute.

css search property function image
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