[Linux] Recovering grub

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Recovering grub

When I reinstalled Windows while using CentOS and Windows by multi-booting, a symptom of not multi-booting occurred, and I solved it with Grub recovery.

First, insert the CentOS installation CD and boot.

On the boot screen, select the rescue mode (Rescue installed system) and proceed by selecting the default value.
When asked What type of media contains the rescue image?, select Local CD/DVD.
If you see a command prompt by selecting shell Start shell, you are ready to recover.

Refer to the link below for details on booting in rescue mode.

Enter the following command to run the shell with root privileges.

#chroot /mnt/sysimage  

Check grub information

#cat /boot/grub/grub.conf  

grub recovery

#root (hd0,1)  
#setup (hd0)  

If you see a success message, recovery is complete.

exit grub


Reboot with ctrl + alt + del

Make sure it boots to CentOS.

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