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SEO reference link list

Google SEO Practices in 8 Steps



Google Search Engine Optimization Guide


This is a search engine optimization guide document provided by Google.
This document is a basic SEO document that explains how Google Engine can take data well.

Google Webmaster Central Blog


Google blog with SEO-related information

PageSpeed Insights


A site provided by Google that tells you how to speed up your pages and how to improve them.

HTML grammar check


Accurate HTML grammar helps search engines figure out the structure of the page.
This site is provided by the W3C, and when a domain is entered, the wrong HTML source is displayed.

API is also supported.
If necessary, refer to the URL below.


robots.txt Testing Tool


When you enter the domain, the set robots.txt information is displayed.

Mobile optimization check


When you enter a URL to a site provided by Google, it tells you if it's mobile-friendly.

It was introduced on the Google Webmaster Central blog, and it also supports APIs.

For more information, refer to the URL below.


Structured Data Test


Structured data test page provided by Google

Rich snippet can be used to display Product, Recipes, Reviews, Events, Apps, Videos, Articles information.

For more information, please refer to the link below.


Naver Webmaster Tool Help


This is a guide document for Webmaster Tools in Naver.

For reference, it may be more efficient to post content on Naver's blog rather than SEO effect by showing Naver's own content first and exposing crawled web documents at the bottom.

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